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Our Animals


Polly (front) and Patty (behind) were both abandoned down by our sea wall when they were just days old and were the first orphans to find their way into our bubble on the beach. As such they are now very much integral members of the Dar Danse family. They are very sweet and happy girls but can be quite excitable around strangers so are usually kept in an enclosed area when guests are with us  – but no doubt they will make their voices heard! They enjoy long walks on the beach and chasing each other in and out of the sea. Of course having a good rumble with their bestest little chum Chappy is always on the cards. 


Usually the first to introduce himself to any new arrivals, he is very friendly and loves company! Chappy was found in a pitiful state in the main square in Essaouira. We rushed him to the nearest Vet at the time who suspected that he had been poisoned and was doubtful if he would survive the night. One of the locals also informed us that he had seen him fall from a roof top previously and break both his front legs (hence his now endearing, slighty wobbly, and uniquely shaped legs!). After several months and lots of tender loving care later, he thankfully made a full recovery. Once at FLOS he soon found his place amongst our other dogs Polly and Patty and is now the happiest and most spoilt little dog in Morocco!


As with many of our four-legged companions here at the sanctuary, Poppy simply appeared one day on our doorstep from out of the blue! She was clearly in a rough state for such a young pup and was very timid and nervous to begin with. Her skin was badly afflicted with parasitic mange and her general health was not good, presumably from a long period of malnourishment. However we are pleased to say after some treatments with the Vet and a lot of TLC here with us that her condition has much improved. She eats well and her coat is slowly coming back. She is incredibly intelligent and it has been a great pleasure to see her coming out of her shell. She is now such a happy dog, thanks in part to our favourite four legged mascot Chappy (self-appointed ‘Mr Meet and greet’ and head of dog relations!) who has taken to her extremely well and they are now very good chums.

UPDATE: A family who came to stay at the hotel, fell in love with Poppy, and will be coming back in a few months´time to take her to her new forever home in England!


Dolly the cat was brought to us by some of the village children in a smelly old flour sack as a tiny 4 week old kitten. Being too young to tell at that time whether this kitten was to become a gentlemen cat or a lady cat we named it Dolly after the sweet doll like appearance of its face. Only later down the line did we discover he was in fact male! However he has graciously kept the name and bears it with all the style and poise that only cats can! After a bumpy start of constant bottle feeding milk formula and overcoming a nasty bladder infection Dolly has now found the life of luxury here at Dar Danse, enjoying curling up in shady spots and running across the rooftops. He is a very friendly cat but mostly prefers to keep himself to himself, so you might occasionally see him dashing about the bushes on your travels. He has a slight problem with his ears which are very sensitive to the sunlight which is very common amongst a lot of the cats in Morocco and so requires ongoing care and attention.  

UPDATE: After a long and happy life here at FLOS, sadly Dolly has now crossed the rainbow bridge.  His girlfriend and little kittens come daily to visit....We all miss Dolly terribly. 


Hello my name is Arakiss which means dancer in Arabic. Which I really quite like. I was originally owned by a man in a local village but he couldn’t afford to keep me and as a result I had become quite skinny and underfed. The nice people at Dar Danse decided to take me in and since then I’ve been dining in luxury every night! I was very nervous about people in the beginning but am slowly getting better. I like to help out staying here and have always worked pulling a cart. Before my new people got their fancy four wheeled car I would bring them up from the fishing port to the house. Maybe if you’re lucky we can go for ride along the beach sometime! Otherwise I enjoy spending my time with my other equid pals and am the surrogate ‘Aunty Arakiss’ to little Odie.


Hello my name is Dilly. I originally came to the Bubble with my best friend and fellow donkey Odette. We were both at one of the local markets for sale and it was quite frightening. We were both carrying little donkeys in our tummies at the time and in a bit of a poor state. My coat and skin was badly affected with a parasitic mange. Luckily the people from the Bubble came by and couldn’t bear the idea of leaving us both behind. Thankfully after lots of treatment and care I am now back to looking my best. Sadly my friend Odette is not here anymore. She had been bred with a horse and as a result her baby was too big for her. The people here did everything they could and rushed her to Marrakesh to a treatment facility but unfortunately she didn’t make it. I still miss her but I am very glad for my new four legged family here in the Bubble. Plus I now have my own little one Odie to keep an eye on! I love getting treats but can be a bit forceful, your fingers have been warned! 


Hello my name is Odie. I was born from my mum Dilly in July 2014. I know the other lot here have had some tough starts to life but I am very lucky, I have lived here my whole life and I love it. I really enjoy getting cuddles and plenty of treats of course and occasionally you might see me wandering into the garden! I like to follow my mum around as she does her work carrying all sorts of things in her saddle packs.


Our camels Conrad and Colin were here before we arrived in Morocco and live in a little stable just a short walk along the beach. They are incredibly well trained and friendly with people and are always around when needed. In fact they played their very own role in the building of our sanctuary, helping us bringing stone and other building materials around the site. 



Lucky was found by some guests whilst on a walk with some of the other dogs. The little pup´s brother had suffered a cruel fate, and her Mummy was nowhere to be seen...Poppy and Chappy obviously told her there was a better life just up the she earnestly followed them the whole 2km to the Bubble! Those guests fell in love with Lucky and have in fact now officially adopted her - they will be coming back to the Bubble very soon, to take her to her new home in England!

Latest four-legged arrivals....FLEA, CHIPPY, RUBY, MARMITE the donkey, SANDY, KITTY ( Pulce) the cat, DUSTY AND LUDO. 

All their stories coming soon, but please do visit our Facebook page, for slightly more up to date information!! 

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