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People like you can and do make a great difference to us....



Thank you for reading this page! We need great and wonderful people like you! There are lots of different ways, both large and small, that you can help us towards our goals. Rest assured that whatever your contribution, however small, will make a huge difference to us and our four legged friends!


 So here are just a few examples of the ways that you can help in joining our cause:



> Become a Friend of FLOS! (Suggested monthly contributions of £3, £5 and £10)

This will help us to maintain the Sanctuary, feed and care for the animals we take in and build shelters and enclosures etc. 


> Adopt  an animal (Monthly contribution of £35)

Make a personal investment towards an animal´s future. You will receive updates and greeting from your chosen animal at regular intervals as well as special offers and discounts to come and visit them!


> Make a one-off donation online…..  


> Buy a much needed item from our wish-list… 


> Become a FLOS fundraiser! Everything from cakes sales or sponsored

   runs to the more adventurous salsa nights or pub quizzes, we've got

   loads of great, fun and creative ideas of ways you can fundraise for us.

   So simply download our fundraising pack here and get inspired! 


> Come and stay with us for a holiday, and 10% of your payment

    will go towards the animal sanctuary…. 





If you are considering any of these options please do get in touch with us at:

We would love to hear from you!


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