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Help us having a holiday!


Not only do we four legged friends have cosy kennels and stables here at FLOS´, but there are also lovely rooms for humans too, next´s the Bubble on the Beach! (well not quite next door…don´t worry, we won´t disturb your sleep!!)

So please come and stay….you´ll have a lovely holiday, with yummy food, an infinity pool to swim in and we would love to take you for walks and show you our favourite haunts on the huge deserted sandy beach.


The best bit, is that 10% of the cost of your stay, will go directly to FLOS, making the Bubble an even more wonderful place for us to live!  So you can enjoy your holiday, knowing that you are doing wonderful things for us at the same time!

So hurry up and get in touch with our two legged keepers over at the Bubble on the Beach (….we can´t wait to meet you! 

With Love - The FLOS animals (we rather like being called the Flossies!) x



A sheltered corner by the pool in the Bubble
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